What Plant has the Lord Given You

Over the summer we were away at the beach with the family. One morning I was out for a walk when I came across a team of landscapers laying out a beautiful garden, they were picking out different plants, shrubs and even trees and carefully placing them strategically in order for them to grow and flourish in the best possible way. I realized that the Lord does this with us. He gives us plants in the form of children and we are responsible for positioning them and nourishing them in the order for them to become all they were intended for.

Firstly as parents we need to Identity the purpose of our plant / Child. Find out what you have, is this a fruit tree, shrub, evergreen or beautiful rose? We identify who our child is through asking the Holy Spirit to reveal this to us. How is your child known in heaven. We as parents can ask Him, we can have others share with us through their revelation, scripture and prophetic words. This is what I like to call our “cheat sheet” or blueprint for your child.

Secondly, once we know what plant we have we need to create the right environment for that child / plant to flourish. Choose the best environment with playgroups, schools, social groups and church for your child to receive the nourishment, influences and encouragement to become all that they were designed to be. Be diligent in finding the best way to feed your child, educate your child and expose him to the right atmospheres. Some children, like plants are tough and can withstand any environment, others are much more susceptible to the environment and need to be nurtured in a greenhouse type environment for a longer period until they are more resistant to external influences.

Finally once you have a plan, nurture your child very intentionally. Do not be tempted to follow what your neighbor is doing with their child or even what you are doing with one of your other children. How silly would it be to suddenly prune your plants just because you see your neighbor doing that. Know what your child needs at each stage and intentionally follow through with that. It is important to keep your cheat sheet closely and your eyes fixed on the Lord for guidance, wisdom and strength to stick to your plant.

As with all plants pruning is necessary in order to remove dead leaves, fruits and even strong stems if they are growing in the wrong direction. This is something that we as parents need to do with our children under the sensitive direction of the Holy Spirit. He is our master Gardener and enjoys partnering with us.

Repotting plant

At some stage our plants get too big to remain in our garden and we have to plant them out into a bigger garden. If their roots are strong and firm and they have received the correct nourishment they should be ready to flourish out their in the big world on their own and bear much fruit. So it is with our children, our goal is to prepare them for all the Lord has for them and then release them. If we are confident that we have understood their purpose and raised them in the right environment we should be free to release them to bear much fruit for His kingdom.