Sin Has No Jurisdiction Over You

I was born in South Africa and immigrated to American in 1994. Imagine for a minute that the South African police arrived at my home in Atlanta, Georgia and demanded payment of South African taxes. As an American citizen, I’m subject to American taxes and American law. No matter how convinced the South African authorities may be, their claim is irrelevant since they have no jurisdiction in the United States. I owe no allegiance or taxes to South Africa. I’m not subject to South African law any longer.


When you came to Christ you changed jurisdiction. You are no longer under the jurisdiction of sin. You are free to live in your new country in Christ.

Many believers still think they are subject to the laws of sin. They are not! Imagine if I was unclear about jurisdiction when the South African police arrived at my door. Perhaps I’d allow them to arrest me and even imprison me and make all sorts of demands on me and my family.

Similarly, if you are unclear as a believer, that you are now free from the law of sin and death and are now only subject to Christ, then you will allow sin in your life to make demands, imprison you, and impose its will on your life. You are truly free from sin and the only jurisdiction that you are now subject to, is the law of Christ.

The law of Christ is an extremely broad place full of life, freedom and exceptional fulfillment. Before you came to Jesus, you in fact, had no choice — you were under the jurisdiction of sin. Now that you are in Jesus, you can choose to live free.

It is fascinating that the enemy makes demands on believers, and surprisingly believers submit themselves to these demands — claiming they have no choice. What an extraordinary deception that enables the enemy to play on the ignorance of believers.

Dionne van ZylComment