Living Upstairs

Perhaps you've seen one of those classical British television shows in which the privileged class live upstairs and the servants live downstairs.  A single decision made upstairs creates havoc downstairs like when the Lord of the Manor decides he wants to go hunting.  There is frenetic activity downstairs to prepare the horses, hunting gear, food, and other preparations.  A single event upstairs creates multiple events downstairs.


This is a wonderful analogy of how the spiritual realm and the physical realm interact.  The upstairs – spiritual realm – has the power to dramatically effect the events downstairs – physical realm.   All authority begins upstairs.  The Lord of the Manor may appoint a butler who in turn has authority over those under him. The butler's authority came from upstairs – it is not his own.  Jesus made this clear when he was on earth.  He said his authority was not his own but came from his Father above.  Jesus explained that all authority is born in heaven and handed down to earth.  Just as the butler may abuse his authority with those underneath him, delegated human authority may also abuse their authority given to them from heaven.  A government, pastor, or husband may use their authority in the way in which God attended or they may choose to abuse it.  Either way all authority comes from upstairs.


The Bible tells us that all authority has been given to Jesus in Heaven and on earth.  And since we are in Jesus and seated with him in heavenly places, we too have been entrusted with upstairs authority.  If we do not realize we've been empowered in this way, we will behave like servants and not like children of the King.  Jesus said that he no longer calls us servants but friends.  Our identity has changed.  The day we accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior we also received the authority from Heaven in his name.

We are invited to live upstairs and to derive all the benefits of Heaven in the spiritual realm and see them manifested in the physical realm.  This is why prayer is one of the most powerful weapons ever entrusted to mankind.  Prayer is an upstairs capability to create new possibilities downstairs.  Prayer in the name of Jesus has the authority to bring new events into existence downstairs.  It ensures that the Father's will will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

When you pray say, "our Father who is in heaven…" The reason this prayer starts with "our Father" is because we define our identity as sons and daughters of a heavenly Father and not as servants who live downstairs.  We are upstairs beings endued with power and authority from on high by a heavenly Father who loves us.  The prayers we pray and the words we speak must be aligned with Heaven, and when they are, they create new events on the earth.

You are invited to live upstairs.  You are invited to step into your identity as a son/daughter of the King of the universe.  You are no longer a slave.  You are invited to be aligned with the Father's will and pray bold and audacious prayers that create new possibilities and events that alter the time space continuum downstairs.  

So pray boldly and pray often.

ArticleDionne van Zyl