Internalized Relationship vs Externalized Religion

What I mean by externalized religion is that the external events of our lives drive all our primary decisions including how we feel internally. If things are going well externally, we feel life is good. Likewise, when we are facing challenges and difficulties, there is internal toil and pain.

An Internal Life of Love and Power

The Lord is teaching us to live an internal life filled with His love and power. The Lord is teaching us how to live inside out. Allow me to explain: when we come into relationship with Jesus an eternal life force is ignited within us. This power flows from our inner being into the outer world. It is His abundant life flowing through us that transforms us internally and transforms our external world. This is the mechanism by which Heaven invades Earth. It is an extraordinary life filled with Heaven’s power, the Father’s love, and the exceptional inheritance that Jesus purchased on the cross.

Jesus paid an extraordinary price so that we could live extraordinary lives. This does not mean that we will live lives without difficulties, challenges or even deep loss. It means that we live life differently — with purpose and power.

The Kingdom is within You

Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within you. But most believers live lives of an externalized religion. We picture God somewhere in Heaven when we pray. We’re asking an external God to fix our external world so that we can feel better internally. This is not how the Kingdom of God works. When Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within you, He was being quite literal. When you became a believer — born again — your whole inner world was transformed and made alive to God. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit came and made their home in you. Now you carry Heaven’s primary occupants inside you. You have become part of His eternal domain in which you are in Him and He is in you. He exists outside of time and space and the Bibles says that even the Heaven cannot contain Him (I Kings 8:27). You have now entered His realm and you host His divine presence.

How many of us picture God within us when we pray? How many of us realize that Heaven’s solution has been provided in Jesus within us. You were called to an internalized relationship with God and not to an externalized religion.

Dionne van ZylComment